For switching between antennas and linears

I2C board

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A stand alone board that plugs into the FlexWire port and provides 16 open collector outputs for driving relays or systems to change antennas, bands and transverters.

The open collectors are capable of handling 50 volts at 500 mA. The output device is a ULN2803a. Since there are 16 outputs most applications can drive their loads (relays or ttl circuits) without decoding. Reference line is provided to protect from relay back voltage.

Only usable with a FLEX-5000 and DDutil

Access via DDutil

DX-Patrol QO-100 Down Converter

Dit is een complete ontvangsset met PLL lock en Bias-T voor de meegeleverde LNB.  

Schakelbare MF omzetting naar 28, 144, 432 of 1296 MHz.