We are distributor of Software Defined Radio's from FlexRadio Systems.

Software Defined Radio systems are taking over the place of conventional radio.
This is an evolutionary process where radios from Flex Radio Systems play a leading role.

There is a growing competition in the market – which is always a driving factor for any technology. Why should you choose a SDR from FlexRadio Systems?

  1. For more than 10 years ago Flex Radio Systems introduced SDR technology to the amateur radio world. Hence they were the pioneers from the very first hour. Their knowledge about SDR concepts and their experience building professional SDR systems are the basis for more concepts and technologies to come in SDR for Hamradio.
  2. SDR-Systems from Flex Radio Systems are also used by governments and other professional users. The commercial branch of FlexRadio Systems means a remarkable “spin-off” to amateur radio SDR-Systems.
  3. FlexRadio Systems is the only company in the Hamradio world which created a dedicated team of software engineers working all day (and sometimes night) exclusively on SDR – which is by nature a software centric system.
  4. FlexRadio Systems  can be and wants to be held accounted in their software development. Only FlexRadio Systems deliberately is publishing a “Road Map” for the development of SmartSDR. FlexRadio Systems has proved that you can count on them!  
  5. With FLEX-6000 Signature Series FlexRadio Systems has created a hardware platform which will be exploited for many years to come. The computing power built into the radio which is to be seen as a SDR-Server will guarantee the development of more powerful applications and features for Hamradio – some of them never seen before.
  6. Last but not least – Flex Radio Systems has been and will be customer oriented. Various means of direct help re. software and hardware were established (“Community” and “Helpdesk”). A Service Center for EU has been established in Germany.
  7. Having said this we must mention that Parma Communication has dedicated their entire business to FlexRadio Systems. We have gained over many years expertise in SDR from FlexRadio Systems. This and our enthusiasm for SDR is OUR basis to assist YOU with advice and help.