The Next Generation SDR software for the Next Generation SDR

SmartSDR™ for Windows sets a new bar for visual radio display and interactive control. Following the simple is better rule, we built a new graphical user interface that is easy to learn and instinctual to use.  Multiple high-definition, real-time spectral displays are at the heart of the SmartSDR experience.  Intuitive controls are hidden from view to minimize clutter yet are instantly available when needed.

SmartSDR is the core of the Signature Series family, organizing all of the signal processing power in the FLEX-6000 Signature Series radios into an advanced reusable framework.  First the receiver subsystems including preselectors, preamplifiers and digitizers in the FLEX-6000 are virtualized as reusable hardware blocks called Spectral Capture Units (SCUs) with specific capabilities.  SmartSDR understands the capabilities of each SCU and how to harness its power.

What distinguishes SmartSDR is the simplification of these advanced concepts into an elegant graphical user interface that places the operator in complete control.  Want to create an additional Panadapter to watch for possible 10m band openings?  No problem, simply click to add the Panadapter and SmartSDR directs everything from the advanced signal processing software down to the filters in the SCU to form an optimized receiver.  Want to decode all of the CW signals on 40m while working DX on 20m?  It’s just a few clicks away.

SmartSDR for Windows Feature Highlights

  • Network Aware Software
  • Multiple Ultra High Definition Spectrum Displays*
  • Brickwall DSP receive filters
  • Next Generation Waterfall with Scroll Back in Time capabilities
  • Tracking Notch Filters™ (TNF)
  • Advanced Audio Processing: VOX, Voice Processor, Downward Expander and 10-Band EQ
  • Variable Gain and Q Audio Peaking Filter (APF) for enhanced CW Reception
  • Adaptive Digital Mode Filters for narrow and wide band modes
  • Quick Record and Playback Over the Air
  • DAX™ (Digital Audio Exchange) for digital mode program interfacing
  • CAT Integration to support legacy radio control software
  • FlexControl Integration
  • APIs for .NET, iOS and direct network interfacing via TCP/IP

* Maximum number dependent on FLEX-6000 model