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Software Defined Radio, an enormous step forward in radio amateurism. At least as large as the step of amplitude modulation to single-sideband , or from the WS19 to the FT-250.

ParmaCom is a distributor of Flex Radio Systems. Those are also the products that are central to everything we offer.

As well as related products. 

Think about essential things like power supplies, morse keys and microphones.


Handmicrofoon met RJ45 connector, geschikt voor de Maestro,


Handmicrofoon met 8 polige fosterplug, geschikt voor de FLEX-5000, 6300,6500 en 6700, FLEX-1500 en FLEX-3000 (en yaesu apparatuur)


Handmicrofoon met met connectoren voor FLEX-6400 en 6600