Welcome OM, (X) YL in my virtual store!
Software Defined Radio, an enormous step forward in HAM Radio. At least as large as the step of single-sideband modulation to, or from the WS-19 to the FT-250.

SDR is central in this store. I offer transceivers and receivers that are based on SDR as well as related products.

However, you will not ind wonder-antenna here, but auxiliaries "to the state of technology. " Most products are tested by myself or friendly relations "in service" before they are offered. Think about essential things like power supplies, Morse keys, microphones, headsets, etc.

With over 40 years experience in this market, I will continue delivering innovative, high quality products and service!


Handmicrofoon met RJ45 connector, geschikt voor de Maestro,


Handmicrofoon met 8 polige fosterplug, geschikt voor de FLEX-5000, 6300,6500 en 6700, FLEX-1500 en FLEX-3000 (en yaesu apparatuur)


Handmicrofoon met met connectoren voor FLEX-6400 en 6600