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1:1 balun voor o.a. doublet antennes. 5 kW/ 10 kW. 1,8 - 30 MHz

DX Engineering High Power Transmission Line Transformers and Baluns with Maxi-Core® technology let your antenna perform to its fullest potential and reduce the stresses on your equipment. 

Only DX Engineering baluns will deliver the power to your antenna with minimum loss and perform a perfect transition from balanced to unbalanced feed. This results in the strongest signal that your antenna is capable of producing with consistently-lowest SWR under given conditions. The result is less stress on your transmitter so that components will last longer and operate better. DX Engineering baluns exhibit far wider bandwidths than conventional baluns because more of the flux is confined to the immediate vicinity of the core, so much more energy goes to your antenna. This way, extremely high efficiency is achieved over the entire frequency range.

Additional features include:

* They provide a better match from the coax impedance to the impedance of the antenna for the lowest SWR possible
* Currents are forced equal for maximum efficiency and better radiation patterns
* They exhibit increased operating bandwidth over other baluns
* Reduced transmit RFI and receiver noise
* Unbalanced terminal uses PTFE/silver SO-239 connector
* Balanced terminal insulators with stainless steel hardware
* They can handle high power (up to 10 kW per published spec) with minimum energy loss
* Mounted in sturdy aluminum boxes designed for outdoor use
* Convenient mounting holes
* Perform at the highest levels of efficiency in transmit or receive applications
* Allow for use of antenna tuner and maximum power amplifier without damage ("T" suffix baluns only)

DX Engineering Maxi-Core® balun and choke models ending -A and -C are optimized specifically for use at the feedpoint of low SWR antennas, such as resonant dipoles and Yagis.

Conversely, if you use a wide range tuner for multi-band operation of non-resonant antenna systems, select DX Engineering Maxi-Core® balun models ending with -AT or –CT. These models are built to handle the high-SWR transition from balanced feedline to coax to wide range tuner, even at high power.

Note: Whenever the DX Engineering "Documentation" tab is available, please look at the associated files for additional product information.

DX Engineering High-Power Transmission Line Transformers and Baluns are superior Amateur Radio products that are physically tough, electrically robust and will stand the test of time!